Welcome to Choose Differently - Life Coaching

Are you a Helper, a Caregiver? Do you work in one of the Helping professions?  Do you feel worn out, used up, and empty? Ever wonder "Why did I ever get into this caregiving business in the first place"?



Do you ever feel selfish when you put yourself first?  Do you put off self - care until you are almost "dead" and totally exhausted physically and spiritually?



Are you in a transition phase in your life? Considering a new Job? New Role? Retirement? 


Want more balance? More enjoyment? More Passion? More clarity about who you are and what you want in the coming months or years.


Then I am the Coach for you!


I coach Helpers like you.  I help you to rediscover your passion for what you do.  I help you get more clarity around your choices and opportunities. 

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